Transition Care

In order to help families cope with caring  for a medically fragile child, we provide a comfortable yet realistic  environment for them to ease into their new responsibilities.  We also  format individual programs based on each family’s particular needs and  desires.  And while they are here, trained professionals teach them how  to meet the child’s daily requirements, at each family member’s own  pace. 

Respite Care

Respite care is temporary relief care designed for families of children with special needs. It
provides  caregivers a temporary rest from caregiving responsibilities while the  child continues to receive care in a safe environment. Using respite  services can support and strengthen the ability to continue being a  caregiver. Progeny will be available for both emergency and planned  respite needs.  We will provide not only a safe environment but we will  do our best to make sure each child’s care follows their home routine to  reduce anxiety and stress on the child.   

Long Term Care

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​An  alternative to institutional care, Progeny provides services which  include assistance in acquiring the most appropriate programs and  services for the chronically ill child and care for terminally ill  children and their families.  Progeny is able to provide quality care at  substantially lower costs than institutional care, while at the same  time providing a loving family atmosphere for each child to reach their  fullest potential.  ​