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Welcome to Progeny Family Training Center

About Us

Our team

Progeny is a family training center located  in Canal Winchester, committed to fostering the physical,  psychological, spiritual and social development of children with chronic  illnesses and their families. Progeny achieves its mission by providing  a continuity of care utilizing the skills and training of physicians,  nurses, social workers, and education intervention specialists.  This  multidisciplinary support service keeps families intact. It includes  education and training regarding medically fragile children to  biological, adoptive, foster families and healthcare professionals. 

Our history

Tom and Linda Eckfeld have been caring for  medically fragile children for more than 25 years.  They have served as  child-care consultants, case-managers, and home health care educators,  while raising their three biological and twenty seven adopted children.   With intense compassion for other medically fragile children (and not  small amount of Faith), they have turned a burden of love into a  blossoming ministry to these wonderfully special children and their  families. 

Our mission

Progeny believes that children are our most  valuable resource and all children deserve the best care available to  them provided in the least restrictive environment.  The family should  be the central influence in the lives of children and is the primary  social unit in which the child lives and receives care and nurturing.   Family supports are the keys to maintaining children in their families  and families within their communities.  Awareness and understanding are  the keys to unlocking acceptance of children with special needs.